Please Note : Mediwell is permanantly Closed. For transfer of patient files please email reception@mediwell.com.au

Notice of Practice Closure

After many years serving the community of Coorparoo and surrounding areas, the decision has been made to close Mediwell, with patient bookings to be concluded by 1 October 2021.

We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience that this will cause and we are committed to ensuring a smooth transition and your continuity of care.

As your medical records contain important medical history and information, we strongly recommend that you identify a new general practice and a copy of your Mediwell medical records is provided to that new general practice.

With your written consent, we are able to provide a copy of your medical records directly to your new general practice.

Consent to transfer medical records forms are available by emailing reception@mediwell.com.au

Please let us know the details of your intended new general practice by completing and signing a consent to transfer medical records. Once completed the form can be returned via email or post to PO Box 934 Coorparoo Qld 4151